Hussaini Brahmins are Hindu however comply with Muslim traditions

Syed Ali Mujtbaz

The group of Hussaini Brahmins shouldn’t be well-known within the nation. They’re Hindus but in addition think about Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. They worship Hindu idols and images, but in addition hold ‘Alam’ with the image of Imam Hussain within the worship nook of their properties.

Hussaini Brahmins are a Mohyal Brahmin group within the Punjab area. The Mohyal group consists of seven sub-dynasties specifically Bali, Bhimwal, Chhibber, Datta, Lau, Mohan and Vaid. A Mohyal Brahmin of the Datta dynasty fought on behalf of Imam Hussain on the Battle of Karbala (680 CE).
Based on legend, Rahab Siddha Dutt was the chief of a small band of profession troopers who lived close to Baghdad on the time of the Battle of Karbala. The legend refers back to the place the place he stayed as Der-al-Hindia, that means “The Indian Quarter”, which coincides with the al-Hindia that also exists at the moment.

Consistent with Hindu custom, the Moyhal group adopted non-Indian traditions, which led to the emergence of a small sub-sect of Hussaini Brahmins who revered Islam, particularly Imam Hussain. Consequently, many Hussaini Brahmins observe Muharram yearly until date.
Based on historic information, about 1,400 Brahmins have been residing in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on the time of the Battle of Karbala. Some households are nonetheless present in elements of Iraq, however most have now settled in Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Jammu in India, Sindh and Lahore in Pakistan, and Kabul in southern Afghanistan.

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Till the partition of India, many Hussaini Brahmins lived in Lahore. There’s a small group of individuals in Ajmer who nonetheless name themselves Hussaini Brahmins. In Bihar, a sect of Bhumihar Brahmins in Muzaffarpur district additionally claims descent from Hussaini Brahmins.

Hussaini Brahmins are neither ‘Orthodox Hindus’ nor Orthodox Muslims. They observe a combination of orthodox Vedic and Islamic traditions. A proverb in Hindi/Urdu refers back to the Hussaini Brahmins as follows: “Wah Dutt Sultan, the faith of the Hindu, the religion of the Muslims, the half Hindu half-Muslim” (By the best way Datta Sultan, professing Hinduism and following the Muslim customs). Half Hindu and half Muslim.

A number of the distinguished figures of the Hussaini Brahmin group are; Actors Sunil Dutt, Urdu writers Kashmiri Lal Zakir, Sabir Dutt and Nand Kishore Vikram.

The Hussaini Brahmin group follows all of the traditions noticed by the Shia sect of Muslims through the month of Muharram. They salute in Azakhan, the place the place Muharram freedom takes place. Many are properly versed within the strategy of reciting Marsia, Nauha and Salaam (mourning the demise of martyrs within the Battle of Karbala).

Most Hussaini Brahmins are born in a Saraswat Hindu household. They keep it up the custom of perception in Imam Hussein which they’ve discovered from their ancestors. They attend Majlis and recite hymns through the days of mourning in Muharram.

Sunita Jhingaran, a well-known classical music singer identified for her thumri, khayal, dadra and ghazal, is a Hussaini Brahmin who says; “God created people first however we divided ourselves into religions. The blood of the physique of each Hindus and Muslims is pink. We should perceive that humanity is the best of all religions and that is my method of selling love and respect for all.”

She provides, “For me, faith is a private matter between God and me and nobody has the proper to be informed who I’m.” He harassed on the necessity to perceive the that means of communal concord to stay in India. On this video, she explains the Hussaini Brahmin group which has the rules of each Hinduism and Islam.

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